DA0012A Lia, Venus the Warrior

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DA0012A Lia, Venus the Warrior

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Product Description
Major Material: Polyester & PU
Major Colour: Silver, Gold & Yellow

Wig Size: 6 inch

Hi! I’m Lia.

In the eyes of my teachers and other adults, I’m always the sweetest and the quietest little girl around. So most of the time, I am obligated to tame myself and not misbehave.

Luckily, and with the help of my grandma’s magical mirror, I can be someone else and anywhere else I want; and free to act out any other personality or roles I wish.

I have always been fascinated with the vast starry night sky which is always so silent and beautiful. I always wondered who else lives among the stars.

When I was a young kid, I remembered that my grandma once told me that she had once travelled to Venus and even had a friend there.

Tonight I am going to Venus to check this out.

Sincerely I make my wish to the magic mirror and moments after I found myself whizzing through space effortlessly and reached Venus seconds after.

As usual, the magic mirror has attired me with the usual appropriate outfits and appearance; and furnished me with the right survival skills; the right living environment around me; the right language skill and the correct knowledge to blend in.

With my glistening new armor outfit and a sacred and powerful staff in hand, I am now a fearless warrior in Venus. I am now ready to brave the unknowns and confident to confront any difficulties that may come along.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a beautiful Venusian girl come out to greet me. In a strange but yet familiar language, she said her name was Xeus. She said that she knew my grandmother; and that I look a lot like her.

Oh! My God! Then the story is true.

My dearest grandma, you’re so marvelous. And I really miss you!

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, helmet, dress, under-skirt, gloves, belt, kneepad, tight, shoes, wand & limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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