FA0002A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Miki

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FA0002A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Miki

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton, Satin, Velvet and Suede
Major Colour: Black, Beige, Chestnut and White

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Miki, the younger twin, is the quieter of the two twins, and the more organized one.

Blessed with a kind heart, Miki is a giver. Whenever the twins are forced to share anything, Miki usually let her elder sister Mia have the first or better choice; while quietly going around, in their daily life, undoing and correcting the many messes or wrongdoings leftover from Mia’s constant and spontaneous escapades. Miki has also inherited her mother’s talent in music. Despite her young age, Miki can already play the piano professionally. It seems like it is Miki’s quiet nature that allows her to stay focus and be able to play the piano well.

For the upcoming International Children’s Day festival, and to honor the many different nationality backgrounds of the children, the local international kindergarten is holding a international fashion walk event, at the kindergarten, in June.

To honor her mother’s Japanese heritage, younger twin Miki here has on a traditional looking kimono. To emphasize the tranquil tradition of Japanese culture, Miki is also wearing a formal festival cap outlined with dark black butterfly. Doesn’t Miki looks serene?

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, kimono, tights, earrings, hat, boots and limited edition postcard

Limited edition

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