FA0003A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Ishara

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FA0003A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Ishara

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Product Description
Major Material: Silk, Meah and Cotton
Major Colour: Orange, Red & Grey

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

The 3rd kindergartner is the youngest out of a family of 5; after her father, mother, and 2 older sisters. Ishara is a fellow classmate of the other 3 members Mia, Miki and Jar-Lu.

Coming from a very tradional minded Indian family, Ishara ended up speaking with a heavy accent. Together with her shy nature, Ishara did not have many friends at the kindergarten in the beginning.

Despite such odds against her, Ishara somehow managed to look happy and cheerful every day. Gradually her follow kindergartners accepted Ishara into their groups and became friends with her.

For the upcoming International Children’s Day festival, and to honor the many different nationality backgrounds of the children, the local international kindergarten is holding an international fashion walk event, at the kindergarten, in June.

To honor the occasion and thousands of years of rich and colorful continuous Indian culture, Ishara has on here a bright orange colored outfit, lovely embroidered with gold colored flowers, decorated with golden beads. What a true Indian beauty!

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Dress, Tight, Earrings, Head piece, Under-pant, Bag, Socks, Boots and Limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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