FA0004A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Jar-Lu

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FA0004A Kindergartner's Fashion Walk - Jar-Lu

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Major Material: Cotton, Silk & Real Leather
Major Colour: Red, Brown and White

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

The last member of our foursome is Jar-Lu; the honored scholar.

Borned of Chinese origin, this gentle and studious young girl had earned high marks and praises in the kindergarten.

Thus Jar-Lu was soon chosen to become the role model of the teachers and other adult parents alike.

Raised as the only child, Jar-Lu likes to take care and look after other young children around her. Blessed with her borned leadership qualities, Jar-Lu was soon accepted to be the leader of her group of friends.

While not busy looking after others around her, Jar-Lu likes to spend her time reading.

Once she plunges herself into her world of books, nothing else matters.

For the upcoming International Children’s Day festival, and to honor the many different nationality backgrounds of the children, the local international kindergarten is holding an international fashion walk event, at the kindergarten, in June.

Oddly our honored Chinese scholar Jar-Lu chooses not to wear the more expected cheongsam or a more traditional Chinese qipao for this long awaited event. Instead Jar-Lu has on a western dress, decorated with delicate Chinese gold embroideries; contrasted with a white color sleeved upper and a red colored crocheted vest.

Doesn’t she look like a real “China doll” here?

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Dress, Vest, Tight, Earrings, Head piece, Under-pant, Bag, Boots and Limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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