FA0008A The Guardian of Happiness, Miki

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FA0008A The Guardian of Happiness, Miki

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton, Linen and Polyester
Major Colour: Mesa rose, plum dusty color, vintage purple

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Traditional Japanese people had a great sense of humour; where they would present their numerous spiritual gods in various funny, innovative and yet amusing ways, Tengu and Hyottoko are two of the most popular Japanese deities.

At the beginning of the New Year, the local international kindergarten is going to hold a drama festival. Children from different nationality backgrounds are selected to participate in this drama. Each child selected is expected to dress up in their distinct national costumes; each costume with their different national aesthetics, distinct religious colors and to represent their unique national backgrounds.

Oddly our Japanese sweetie, Miki, did not wear the traditional Japanese Kimono as widely expected.
Instead, Miki had on an interesting top with a new 3 dimensional form of fan pleating; a traditional Japanese pants with a pair of Japanese printed shoes to match.
In them, Miki well demonstrates the combination of both modern and traditional forms in modern Japanese everyday fashion today.

To honour the Guardian of Happiness, Miki had on a Hyottoko hat. Accompanied by a hand puppet bearing a traditional Tengu face, Miki joyfully performed a classical Japanese dance called “Dengaku”, with an aim to propagate joy and happiness to the audiences.

Boys and girls, please join me in this dance.

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, top, pants, shoes, Hyottoko hat, hand puppet and Limited edition postcard

Limited Edition
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