FA0009A The Guardian of Courage, Mia

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FA0009A The Guardian of Courage, Mia

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Major Material: Silk and Cotton
Major Colour: Pea Green, Dusty Blue and Dusty Pink

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Our young Kindergartners now individually tells us their own stories; starting with the story of Miki & Mia.

When Mia’s father was still a teenager, he lived in a small remote village in Malaysia where people lived a simply but happy life.

Upon sunrise, in the morning, every able body person would go to work in the field; and when sun sets they would come back to their home and enjoy their family life together with their family members. Simple repetitious life pattern; but everyone there was happy.

All villagers were in smiles all the time.

One day, suddenly, many of Mia’s father fellow villagers all came down, at the same time, with a strange illness. Without any fever, cough, nor any other visible or identifiable sickness symptoms, all those affected just felt extremely tired, weak and very depressed. A few of those affected even cried periodically uncontrollably. Later this strange illness was named the “crying disease” by the locals.

As no medical nor biological reasons can be find behind this strange illness, even the local medical authorities were confused and helpless.
Bewildered the villagers finally had turn to the village elder wise man for guidance.

The old village wise man remembered: ‘According to old Malaysian legend, this illness had occurred here before. Apparently there was a very special cotton flower which should help. This was not just any ordinary cotton flower, but one very special kind that is very rare; and impossible to find.’
Upon hearing this, Mia’s father promptly jumped up and volunteered. ‘Okay, I will go and find the right cotton flower’

Starting early the next morning, Mia’s father, and a few other young men, went to different forests and collected all different kind of cotton flowers from everywhere every day.

With every passing day, Mia’s father had to travel longer and longer distances, in search of this illusive magical cotton flower; with most recent trips lasting days; where Mia’s father have to sleep nights in the wild open wilderness, unprotected, risking possible attacks from poisonous snakes; insects; bears and maybe even tigers.

After several months of searching, however, all the participants were still not able to find the right cotton flower that would cure this strange illness.
As days passed on, without the cure, more and more villagers were coming down with the strange illness daily.

The whole village was suffering and everyone was soaked in sadness. Regular village life and all works came to a complete halt.

Finally one day, even the old village wise man also came down with the strange sickness. Worst yet, the much respected village wise man could not stop crying continuously.

By that time, Mia’s father was the only able body person who was miraculously not yet inflected by this strange disease.

Realizing that he was the only hope left for the whole village, Mia’s father knew what he had do.

Even though, by then, he was totally exhausted from his previous 3 month’s of strenuous non-stop expeditions in search of the correct cotton flower; he looked at the his old map again, and this time, spotted one isolated distant forest, far away, in a notoriously dangerous region, where he still haven’t visited before. Although the map did not show if there is any cotton trees or cotton plants to be find there, in this isolated distant forest, Mia’s father instinctively knew him was on the right track.

Decided, Mia’s father packed enough food and water, for his trip, and left the village early next morning, before the sun rise.

After 5 days and nights of continuous hitching, walking, slipping, stumbling, and climbing over treacherous and ragged terrains; exhausted, thirsty, hungry, tracked by dangerous bears, Mia’s father finally reached a calm valley in one piece.

There he saw a lot of butterflies flying amongst many cotton trees.
Totally exhausted by then, Mia’s father just collapsed under a big cotton tree, drank some water and pass out.

Suddenly, he was awaken by a nearby funny singing voice ‘Me ¬mE¬me me me¬¬’.

‘Who’s there?’ Alarmed, Mia’s father bolted and shouted!

‘Hello¬¬¬ I am the cotton tree’s angle. ‘a funny little figure appeared under the cotton tree next to him.

This funny little figure had a soft white skin, made of white cotton; and he had a funny little bun on the top of his head.

‘This is my place! You need to have my permission to be here’ the little guy’s face turn red while demanded.

Mia’s father politely apologized; and then told little guy everything about what was happening back in his village 7 days walk from there.

‘Can I have your permission now?’ Asked Mia’s father.

‘Poor little boy!!! Let me help you! See the one funny looking cotton tree there? Take the flowers, and boil them with hot water, and let your friends drink them. They will be healed.’ Finished saying that, the little guy singed

‘Me¬Me¬Me’ song, jumped into the Cotton tree behind him and disappeared.

Elated, Mia’s father gathered the all the cotton flowers he can gather; along with some soft cotton, and carried them speedily back to his village.

Once back, Mia’s father did exactly as what the Cotton Tree angel told him, and amazingly, everybody, who drank the magic drink was healed soon after drinking them; even the much respected village elder wise man.

Mia’s father became the hero of his village.

Mia’s father was very happy.

In memory of his Cotton Tree angel friend, Mia’s father rolled up the remaining cotton, and made a cotton doll to resemble the Cotton Tree angel he met.

Later on, after he grown up, get married and had a twin babies, Mia’s father named one of the twins, Mia.

When the time came, Mia’s father also give Mia the original cotton doll, in memory the humming Cotton Tree angel, together with this amazing story.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Dress, Under-Pants, Collar, Earrings, Tight, Boots, Cotton Doll and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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