FA0010A The Guardian of Happiness, Miki

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FA0010A The Guardian of Happiness, Miki

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Product Description
Major Material: Silk, Cotton and Linen
Major Colour: Off White, Vintage Purple and Dusty Pink

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Miki’s mother is a renowned wood sculptor who loves children.

After getting married, Miki’s mother really wanted and prayed continuously to have her own babies. For the first few years, however, she was not able to have a baby.

After consulting with different doctors, Miki’s mother was finally diagnosed as incurably infertile – unable to conceive any babies at all – not even with expert medical help.

In despair, Miki’s mother started to sculpt wooden babies to depict the many faces of the little girls that she so much desired and cannot have. And with these finished sculpted wooden babies, Miki’s mother was able to design and make lovely tiny little costumes for them; as well as talking to them heart to heart and taking care of them as these sculpted wooden beauties were her own little babies.

It was in one cloudless full moon night, while soundly asleep, that Miki’s mother had a dream.

In her dream, Miki’s mother saw a crane flying two little babies and landed them gently into her backyard.

‘I heard about you wanting a baby for so long. These two little cuties are especially for you. Please take care about her’; the crane spoke to her!
After that, the crane flied away humming a sound like ‘Mi---ki-----Mi----ki----Miaaaaaaaaa’

Excited Miki’s mother woke up. Unfortunately, it was just a dream!

One month after, miraculously Miki’s mother was found to be pregnant. And 9 months later, she was a proud mother of a pair of healthy beautiful twin girls!!

Recalling the crane’s farewell hummings; Miki’s mother instinctively named the baby twins: Mia as the elder baby, and Miki as the younger baby.
The twin girls promptly became the source of happiness for her and her family.

In memory, a hand sculpted wooden baby doll was given to Miki as soon as she can play with it.

Ever since then, this wooden doll had become Miki’s inseparable companion as well as her best friend.

Every time looking at the wooden doll, Miki is reminded of the marvellous story and where her name came from.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Kimono Top, Skirt, Under-Pants, Belt, Hat, Earrings, Tight, Shoes, Wooden Doll and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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