FA0012A The Guardian of Fortune - Ishara

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FA0012A The Guardian of Fortune - Ishara

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Major Material: Cotton and Linen
Major Colour: Vintage Pink, Darker Pink, Green, Darker Green, Black and Grey

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Ishara’s grandmother was a fabric designer who loved to explore the possibilities of how to make fabrics unique and beautiful by sourcing natural materials from the forest.

She lived in a small village with her parents; and later together with a new born daughter.

One day, the ill-tempered King heard about her talents and summoned her to his golden palace, located on the banks of the great Ganges river in India. Since the King was infamous for his bad temper where he would get constantly mad for no reasons, Ishara’s grandmother was very frightened.,

Without any alternatives, Ishara’s grandmother nervously went alone to the Golden Palace very early next morning. “Why the King want to see me?” Ishara’s grandmother wondered, while her hands trembled nervously from fright.

Once there, the King, who wore a luxurious costume met Ishara’s grandmother, in his golden reception room, where all curtains and cushions were made with real silk.

Even though Ishara’s grandmother was possessed with fear, she was still overwhelmed to see so many luxury fabrics there. Never in her whole entire poor life, did she ever imagine nor come in so close proximity with so much luxurious fabrics before.

“Well, I heard that you can create the most wonderful fabrics by yourself.’ King grouchily opened the dialogue with a stern face.”

“Yes! I can create fabrics with my own hands.” Ishara’s grandmother replied, unable to hide her pride in her expertise.

“I give you a job you have to be accomplished in the next 10 days. Create an unique fabric that can make me cry. Otherwise, you will have to stay in this palace forever, until the time you can make me a fabric that can make me cry.’ The King demanded, turned around and left.

Shocked by such impossible request, Ishara’s grandmother was totally lost as to where she can start. For days and nights, Ishara’s grandmother pondered over the problem; without any solution. Finally it dawn on her that she may never go home again and would become a prisoner of the palace forever.

It was on the 5th night of fruitless thinking; that Ishara’s grandmother just collapsed and started to cry uncontrollable. Finally, after much crying alone, Ishara’s grandmother dosed off, in her locked room, from sheer fatigue.

Then, Ishara’s grandmother was suddenly awakened by some little steps at her back: ‘dup dup dup’ lightly

“Who’s there?” Bolted Ishara’s grandmother up in surprise.

“Why are you crying?” A little voice, like a baby’s whisper, asked behind her.

Surprised, Ishara’s grandmother spun around to find a little boy wearing a luxurious looking traditional Indian costume. Tanned and soft, the little boy had an innocent and friendly smile on him. Strangest of all, this little boy had button for eyes!

Since the little guy looks very friendly and funny, Ishara’s mother quickly stopped crying, but cannot help herself to stare at this strange little boy, who appeared from nowhere behind closed doors, with great curiosity.

“I was trying to prepare an unique fabric for the King, which is supposed to make him cry; but I have no ideas how to do so” Ishara’s grandmother answered in dismay; quashing her urge to start crying again.

“Well well well, you seem to have asked the right person.’ The little boy replied while jumping up and down excitingly.

“You know what? I grew up with the King. I know everything about him. When he was young, the King was a very kind person who kept smiling at everybody all the time. But all that totally changed when his mother died.

“For your information, the king’s mother loved Shirui lily very much. In order to please his mother, the king planted Shirui lily all around his palace.”

Soon after saying this; Puff! The strange little boy, with the Button Eyes, simply disappeared; vanished into the thin air; right in front of Ishara’s grandmother.

** The Shirui lily or Siroi lily (Lilium mackliniae) is a rare Indian flower plant found only in the upper reaches of the Siroi mountain ranges

Surprised, Ishara’s grandmother jumped up, this time really fully awoke from her involutary nap. Apparently, it was all just a dream.

Luckily, the dream gave Ishara’s grandmother an idea. If by chance, the Shirui lily flower is really so important to the King, then she can use this raw plant to create a fabric with this Shirui lily flowers on it.

Once decided, Ishara’s grandmother feverously proceeds to implement her new found idea with care, precision and without any sleeping for the next 4 days and nights.

Promptly, on the morning of the 10th day, Ishara’s grandmother nervously presented the finished fabric with printings of Shirui lily flower on it; this time scented with the excreted ruminants of the raw flower, to the King.

When the noble king saw the fabric, he gasped; squealed out a single word:

“Mother!” and then proceed to cry openingly uncontrollably.

Moments later, the king finally managed to recomposed himself. And then the king, with a big smile on his face now said:

“I love your fabrics! You have made me cried with your fabric. Thank you very much!

For your gracious efforts, I shall bestow on you a lasting title ‘The Royal Master of fabrication’. From now on, every resources and every personal, under my command, would be openly available to you. From now on, you are free to create any fabrics you wish; with no worries about your living expanses anymore. And you are free to go home now.” said the King happily.

Hereinafter, Ishara’s grandmother became very famous, wealthy for the rest of her life and became a world renown expert in creating new unique fabrics.

In memory of the Little guy, who helped her in her dream, Ishara’s grandmother later made a little doll. Also using the same exact fabric she had created for the King, Ishara’s grandmother also made a little dress for her new baby daughter - who was Ishara’s mother. Both the dress and the little doll later became the family heirloom of Ishara’s mother, to be treasured for all times

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Dress, Leggings, Under-Pants, Head-piece, Earrings, Shoes, Little Doll and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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