FA0013A Four Kindergartner - Miki

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FA0013A Four Kindergartner - Miki

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Major Material: Cotton and Polyester
Major Colour: Cream, Beige, Burgundy and Oxford Blue

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Theme of the Four Kindergartner in the year 2016: Story about their grandmothers and their influences over their individual family values.

Every family has their own unique and honored set of family values, Miki’s family’s set of family value is:貴和(gui he).

The words貴和 (gui he) means mutual respect and love for one another. Miki’s grandmother named their set of family value as貴和 (gui he) with a hope that every member of the family can contribute to maintain a continuous and harmonious atmosphere amongst all the family members.

Influenced by her grandmother, Miki, the younger of the twins sisters of the family, was brought up with a strong awareness to how important it is to maintain a continuous and harmonious atmosphere within the family.

Here, wearing a similar costume as grandmother did when she was at her age many years ago, Miki tells us an unforgettable childhood story of her grandmother and the roots behind their family value貴和(gui he).

Miki’s grandmother name is Mikiki; quite similar to her granddaughter Miki now.

When she was a young girl, grandmother Mikiki was a very active ‘tom boy’ who loves to play ball with the local boys. Doing this was very uncommon for a little young girls at that period of time in Japan. At that period, girls were expected to stay home; and do sewing works, learn cooking and take care of younger kids of the family if any.

Grandmother Mikiki, when she was a young girl, however, was different.
Mikiki loved all kinds of sports, like playing soccer, basketball and competition running against other little boys in the area.

Mikiki’s family, at that time, was not a wealthy family. To support his family, Mikiki’s father sold NINGYOYAKI (a kind of Japanese traditional dessert) in the local market.

In her childhood, grandmother Mikiki, being the second child of a three children family, had to be a little wild and nutty to strive for attention. In front of her parent, Mikiki always acted like a rebellious little boy – wearing short kimonos and ignoring mother’s every request; especially when mother wants her to behave more civilized or more “girlish” like.

To get her parent’s constant attention, young Mikiki had to become very aggressive. At home young Mikiki competed against her elder sister and younger brother for everything, in order to become the sole winner in the “competitions” amongst the 3 siblings.

One day, when Mikiki and her father walked around the neighborhood, Mikiki saw a beautiful toy tamari (a Japanese hand ball) which she could not take her eyes off.

Sensing this, Mikiki’s father promptly brought the toy tamari, as a gift to Mikiki; and also to reward Mikiki for her prior help in selling some Ningyoyaki during the holidays days earlier. Coming from a not so wealthy family, Mikiki did not owned many toys. The toys Mikiki did have prior to this toy tamari were all hand-made by Mikiki herself, like self-made sling shots and self-crafted wooden solider figurines etc.

As this toy tamari was Mikiki’s first real new toy; Mikiki was really moved by her father’s token of affection. Mikiki was happy as she smiled all the way home.

Upon arrival at home, the party was greeted inside their home by Mikiki’s little brother in front, with Mikiki’s mother following.
At his first sight, Mikiki’s little brother was fascinated by the beautiful ball that Mikiki was carrying, and spontaneously tried to snatch the lovely ball from Mikiki’s hands.

In response Mikiki instinctively struck her little brother to the floor In rage . Hurt and in pain the little brother cried out loudly from the floor.

Witnessing this whole instance, Mikiki’s mother gazed at Mikiki with disappointment. Mikiki’s mother did not understood Mikiki actions; and demanded Mikiki to apologize.

Although Mikiki, in tears herself also, knew that it was mostly her fault, Mikiki still refused to apologize despite the urging from her mother.

Apparently Mikiki had felt that her parents had always favored her brother, and Mikiki felt that she was treated unfairly by her parents in the past.
Surprisingly, Mikiki’s little brother, all bruised and in tears, slowing got up and apologized to Mikiki first.

Stunned by this event, Mikiki later realized the importance of keeping a harmonious atmosphere within her family, and the importance to mutually love and respect one another at all time.

This honorable family concept stayed with Mikiki for her whole life and later it became Mikiki’s guiding family value after she gets married and had a family of her own.

And now, this noble family concept became the cornerstone of Miki’s existing family value.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, short kimono, inner skirt, under-pant, tight, belt, head-piece, earrings, toy tamari, shoes and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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