FA0014A Four Kindergartner - Jar-Lu

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FA0014A Four Kindergartner - Jar-Lu

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Major Material: Cotton and Polyester
Major Colour: Cream, Beige, Burgundy and Light Blue

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Theme of the Four Kindergartner in the year 2016: Story about their grandmothers and their influences over their individual family values.

Every family has their own unique and honored set of family values, Jar-Lu’s family value is 自強(zi qiang)

自強(zi qiang) means one should always stand on one’s own two feet in life (Chinese way of saying to relay on oneself for everything); and not try to depend on others.

As a single child of her family, Jar-Lu is now an independent girl who cannot only take care of herself; but can also take care and looks after other young children around her. But Jar-Lu’s character was not always that way. When Jar-Lu was younger, she was a very shy girl who always relies on others for everything, very much like her own grandmother – Chan Hung – was when Chan Hung was a young child many years ago.

What makes Jar-Lu changed? Answer: Her grandmother Chan Hung.

Born timid and shy, and raised as the only child, childhood Chan Hung was spoiled rotten by her own mother and grandmother. As a spoiled child, young Chan Hung never did anything by herself; not even tooth brushing; nor putting on her own clothes in the morning; nor taking a bath.

When young Chan Hung began to attend school, shy Chan Hung sat herself at back of the classroom, in the far corner, away from the rest of the kids. As young Chan Hung was lazy; short of energy and lack initiatives, her classmates did not like Chan Hung.

During summer, when the sun was shiny, and when asked by her class mates to go out and catch some grasshoppers for fun; Chan Hung would simply yawn and reply:
“It is too hot! Even the grasshoppers are asleep. There is no grasshoppers to catch.” And then Chan Hung would walk off by herself to fall asleep under a tree shade.

During the winter season, when the first snow came; and when the school kids would excitedly asked Chan Hung to go out to help them make a snow man, Chan Hung would again yawn and reply: “It is too cold out. I would rather curl up in bed and sleep.”
So as time went by, nobody would ask young Chan Hung to play with them anymore.
With a heavy reliance on others for everything, and always making false pretenses to avoid activities and responsibilities, childhood Chan Hung soon found out that no one wants to be her friend.
Deserted, without any friends, young Chan Hung soon found herself very lonely and depressed.

One day during a primary school Physical Education class, as usual, Chan Hung was the first kid, out of the whole class, to quit running, after taking only a few steps.
Pretending to be out of breath, young Chan Hung slumped herself down onto the dirt track and instinctively threw a rage at her physical education teacher instead.
Knowing Chan Hung too well, her physical education teacher patiently stood by quietly until Chan Hung finally calmed herself down minutes later.
Then with a stern voice, her physical education teacher spoke to Chan Hung seriously, “Chan Hung. It will be Sports Day soon! Every member of the class is now training hard to get good result during the Sports Day. You missed various PE lessons already, so today you would have to face up to this challenge. So get up now and finish running the rest of the 400 meters; or you would have to stay here; even after school until you do finished it!”

As her Physical Education teacher was the sweetest and most mild temper person in school, young Chan Hung was surprised by her teacher’s unyielding reaction and strong demand.

After getting back home late that evening, because of the instance, Chan Hung confusingly asked her mother “Mum, am I an abnormal child? Why doesn’t anyone like me?”

When Chan Hung’s father learned about this instance later, while working far away from home in a distant job, he knew that it was time to teach Chan Hung a lesson.

Weeks later, when Chan Hung’s father came back home, on his monthly leave, Chan Hung’s father made sure to ask Chan Hung to accompany him for a short walk, after meal, to the nearby park. Once at the park, Chan Hung and her father sat themselves together on a park bench. Spotting a few cats playing nearby; Chan Hung’s father proceed to tell Chan Hung a simple story about a little kitten.

“Hung, you are now 7 years old already; and a big enough girl to understand certain facts of life.
Pointing to 2 of cats on the grass field nearby, father continued:

“See the little kitten and the mother cat over there? It is natural for the mother cat to take care and help her little child.
Now see how the little kitten is always falling down when it walks? And yet the mother cat would not move to help the little kitten up, even one time?. Do you know the reason why not?”

Little Chan Hung shook her little head in reply.
“It is because all living things have to learn to stand on their own feet in life and not try to depend on others. In real life, no one can help you with everything, every time; not even your father or mother; as the mother cat there.” Chan Hung’s father continued.

“Just like the little kitten, if it cannot walk properly and learn to feed itself, the little kitten will eventually starve to death, and be eliminated from this world as normal in a natural environmental elimination processes. The same applies to human beings. Hung, do you understand what I am saying here?”

“It is time that you understand that you cannot live your life depending on others, without learning how to solve problems and manage by yourself. Or else, like that little kitten there, you too would not survive in this predatory real life world.”

Watching the little kitten and mother cat slowly walked away into the distance, her father’s little kitten story resonated repeated in Chan Hung’s head, all the way back home; and keep Chan Hung awake most of the night thinking about it.

The morning after hearing this little kitten story, to the surprise of everyone, Chan Hung miraculously changed her whole personality completely. No longer lazy, young Chan Hung begin to care about her body; and to vigorously exercise her body daily. With a new found vigor, young Chan Hung begin to participate in all kinds of outdoor activities actively.

With initiatives Came commitments, With commitments, came successes. With successes, came popularity. With popularity, came acceptances. With acceptances, came friends. Soon Chan Hung found herself not lonely anymore. Chan Hung was happen.
No longer shy or timid. Chan Hung soon become a very positive, proactive and independent girl as she is now.

Apparently, a simple story about a little kitten changed Chan Hung’s life forever.

Later on, after Chan Hung grew up, and organized a family of her own, grandmother Chan Hung wisely passed this simple kitten story to her own children and her grandchildren. Now the message behind this little kitten story has become the corner stone of Jar Lu’s family’s family value.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Blouse, Pants, Jacket, Under-pant, Collar, Head-piece, Earrings, Kite, Shoes and Limited edition story book

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