HA0002A Ten Ping

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HA0002A Ten Ping

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Major Material: Cotton & Real Leather
Major Colour: Mandarin blue, Oriental red and Beige

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

At the age of 7, Shanghai was my home. It was a place where all my family members and friends were at together. Even though our family was poor, my parents were always there with me. I was very content about my life then.

Living in a shanty outskirt of Shanghai, rarely did we interacted with the outside world. Occasionally my mother would tell us stories about a place called Hong Kong; a city thousands of miles away. Stories of a thriving metropolis with buildings that were twenty stories high, Hong Kong was a city known for its prospects, filled with opportunities and hopes for successes. My mother was determined to go find a job in Hong Kong, and believed that, doing so, would be the only channel to bring the whole family out of its eternal poverty.

One thing about being poor was that, we, as a family have to deal with continuous uncertainties every day. Nothing in life was guaranteed, and every member of the household had to contribute to the daily survival of the family; each member in their own way.

The worst time was during winters, where winter daily life was filled with discomforts and miseries.

During winter time, there were always duties to be performed. Whether it was to clear the snow off the roof, washing clothes in the freezing well water, or collecting twigs/wood to feed the communal oven, everyone, young or old had to contribute or perform, each in their own way. Staying active and responsible helped us stay warm, but overall the mood was gloomy. I had never complained about the winter though, because I was working towards a goal, a certainty that things will change for the better. At least spring was coming.

Oh how I loved spring! Where the warm sunlight embraces your face, where the birds sing out their cheery tunes, and where the world regains its vibrant cheerful colors.

Ironically, it was during one of these jovial spring afternoon of 1958, that the sky felled on me.

After finishing the daily chores early, I was out near an alley playing with my neighbors and enjoying the soft spring sun lights.
At that time, toys were a remote luxury that none of us can afford; so we were playing with pebbles that we had collected off the streets earlier. As I was showing my neighbor my beloved pebble collection, I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with my neighbor's mother.

“Here you are, Ten Ping. I have been looking for you everywhere. Your mom is going to Hong Kong, and you have to come with me right away!”

Moments later, dumbfounded, and still in disbelief from the sudden news, I found myself in the nearby train station, along with my younger sisters and brother. It was my first time to see a train, and the sheer sight hundreds of people hurrying around bidding farewells to one another was overwhelming. I held my sister’s hand tightly and took a few deep breaths.

My mother looked utterly defeated; her expression was a mixture of sadness and reluctance. She knelt down next to me and softly patted me on my head.

“Ten Ping, mother has to go to Hong Kong, and you are now responsible in taking care of the family. You’re the oldest child, and this is now your responsibility. Sorry honey.” After that brief comment, my mother hurriedly boarded the departing train without looking back. In a matter of minutes, my mother was gone.

Dumbfounded, I just stood there stupefied, at the train platform, with a vacant look on my face. The sudden event and the unexpected burden had left me speechless and unresponsive. Suddenly I heard my younger sisters and brother cry. Then I regained my senses and realized that I had to take everyone home.

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Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, Qi Po, vest, pants, hat, socks, shoes, earrings, a doll and limited edition story book

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