HA0004A Ten Ping

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HA0004A Ten Ping

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: White, Red, Navy and Black

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

After my mother left, I was forced to take on up new responsibilities and grow up quickly.

Despite the hardships, there was one thing that I looked forward to.
September 1st was the first day of school, and I was counting down until that day comes.

With my parents away, my grandma became the family focal person. Being poor, grandma always reminded me about the many difficulties faced by the family.
Although my school tuition, at that time, was only 6 RMB per week (around 1 USD), it was still a heavy burden for my family.

One day, grandma and I passed by the Wing On department store, and saw that MIU MIU had a brand new outfit on.

Grandma told me that was how college students dressed like at that time.
Oh how fashionable! A vibrant Cheongsam (Traditional Chinese Dress) accompanied with a short haircut and black shoes. I couldn’t take my eyes off the display.

“Ten Ping. Study hard. Knowledge can one day change your destiny.” Grandma remarked.
With that sentence echoed in my brain, grandma and I later found ourselves standing silently outside the nearby Fu Dan University.
From a distance, I admired every student that entered the university.
Seeing the students wearing outfits that matched MIU MIU’s, I could only wondered to myself: “Will I ever be able to get a college education?”
As if she had read my mind, my grandmother tugged my hand gently and told me: “With the privilege of education, you will be able to manage your own destiny. So make sure to study hard now and don’t waste this opportunity.”

Hearing that, I had the image of Miu Miu next to me, being my tutor; helping and guiding to reach that goal.

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, shirt, skirt, tie, under-pants, school bag, socks, earrings, shoes, fabric doll - Miu Miu and limited edition story book

Limited Edition

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