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HA0017A GiGi

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Burgundy, Blue and Beige

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Unlike Ten Ping’s family, Gi Gi is the only child in her family. With her father away working in a job far far away; and with mother working as a cleaning lady full time; Gi Gi is left alone most of her time; under the care of her aging grandmother. Maybe that is why, at the tender age of 7, Gi Gi already knows not just taking care of her own self; but helping out at home by doing various daily family chores in and out of her home.

Energetic, and enthusiastic by nature, Gi Gi is a cheerful little girl. Unlike Ten Ping who is a quiet little girl; Gi Gi is a chatty, very talkative little girl.

Wearing a smile on her face all the time; Gi Gi likes to share her thoughts, crazy ideas and happiness with everyone she meets.

Loquacious as she maybe; there is yet another sweet caring side to Gi Gi’s character.

Gifted with a born instinct; Gi Gi is alert to the feelings or problems of others around her. Equipped with this instinct, and her willingness to help others; Gi Gi became popular; and was soon recognized as the leader amongst her close friends.

In her free private time, however, Gi Gi like to do hand crafts.
Last dragon boat festival, when Gi Gi went to the exciting dragon boat race, carrying a rag doll; that rag doll was made by Gi Gi herself using leftover fabric scraps.

Wherever Gi Gi goes, excitements soon follow.
Even in an isolated deserted open surrounding, Gi Gi can come up with some bright ideas to make other people happy.

For instance; it was a hot lazy mid-summer holiday afternoon, last summer, where just about all the kids of the neighborhood gathered to sit/lay around on the grass, in the local park, bored to death because of lack of things to do.

Witnessing the boredom, Gi Gi instinctively grabbed some loose branches and leaves from the ground; and with her hands, promptly proceed to interlace and weave the loose branches and leaves into various shapes of grasshoppers and even pandas.

Amazed by her actions the children promptly gathered around Gi Gi; screaming and yelling for Gi Gi to teach them how to duplicate her handicrafts; which Gi Gi happily complied.

A few of the children were too young; so their gentle little hands were not able to do the intricate handworks needed.
Patiently, however, Gi Gi helped them out; one by one, step by step. So moments later, all the little kids were able to proudly show off their own little grasshoppers or pandas at the end.

The children were ecstatic and soon all the kids were found hopping or bouncing all around the open park grass while emitting self-improvised strange insects like noises; to the amazement of the passerbys.
What a sight!

Gi Gi was satisfied.

To reflect her active personality, Gi Gi would often also like to do head stands, to the amazement and enjoyment of everyone in the park; especially the children.
Apparently, by doing head stands, it gives Gi Gi a totally different (inverted) perspective of the world around her!

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, blouse, piece-pants, under-pants, head-piece, socks, shoes, grasshopper making set adn Limited Edition Story Book

Limited Edition

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