JA0002A Honey Twins - Mi Mi (Sweet Corn)

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JA0002A Honey Twins - Mi Mi (Sweet Corn)

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Major Material: Cotton and Linen
Major Color: Orange, Green & Cream

The health conscious people of today are in constant search for healthier eating diets to better their necessary daily nutritional intakes. What better place to look for this than to just rediscover the history proven, traditional and time tested old Chinese nutritional eating recipes?

In our search on this pursuit, our travel has leaded us to a plain and ancient small village in a remote, inaccessible, back section of China. Isolated, and untouched by modern technologies and progresses, this peaceful little village is a treasure trove for simply healthy livings.

Amongst the hundred or so inhabitants of this tiny village also lived five plain looking, innocent and lively children.

Although all these 5 children are not natives of this area, fate had somehow gathered them all together in this charming little village.

Most noticeable of the group are two little girls, aged two years apart, strangely nick named the “Honey Twins”. It turned out that in real life they are actual blood related sisters. Separated at their birth, they are now happily reunited here in this village. To help them make up for the long past separations in the past, mother nature has now arranged so that these two little sisters now really enjoyed being with one another, and are now actually totally glued to one another daily – does leading to the nickname “honey twins”.

Rounding of the group of five some, are three other children, who each also originated from distant and different parts of the country China. Besides the fact that these five little girls now goes to the same local school in the village, it also soon become evident that the 5 girls also share something else in common.

Even though the 5 young ladies were each borned in different section of China, it soon come to light that these 5 little girls also share in a common born talent – and that is a distinct gift and special knowledge in promoting good health; and maybe longevity. Instinctively, after meeting, the 5 little girls start playing and hanging out together with each other. Rapidly these five children quickly became the closest of friends.

It seems that fate has somehow miraculously brought the 5 of them all together into this small village. Together so that they can reach out to us and share their knowledge of healthy living with us.

I am Sweet Corn – nick named “Mǐ Mǐ”, 米米 in Chinese.

I was born in Heilongjiang province, Northeast China; nick named: The “rice bowl” of China.

The annual rich and brilliant golden wheat harvest, in Heilongjiang, symbolize wealth in China, as each grain of corn looks like grains of gold. Collectors who have me are blessed with prosperous life. To make a cool therapeutic drink, boil some sweet corn together with wild red carrots, and then add sufficient sugar to taste. I suggest you to put this in the refrigerator first as this drink is best served cold.

As the big sister and the first born, I am obligated to take care of the younger ones. I have been described as very mature for my age, as I act as the caretaker of the girls in the village. I like to dance and I always practice when my sister Hόng Hόng is asleep. While she’s awake however, my impulsive little sister Hόng Hόng’s constant whimsical outbursts always catch me by surprises and off guard. Nevertheless I love my sister Hόng Hόng.

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