TA0003A Tanghulu - San Mi’er (Sentimental) doll set

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TA0003A Tanghulu - San Mi’er (Sentimental) doll set

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Red

Wig Size: 4.5 inch

Theme of our new doll series is Beijing Quintuplets.

Do you remember your first bite of candy when you were a child? Or perhaps remember the satisfaction on your children’s face when they were trying their first one? That feeling of intense sweetness from the taste buds not only brings elevated joy to the eater, but also radiates a sense of satisfaction that even others feel ecstatic. This is especially true for new mothers giving their children their first bite of candy.

This sense of enjoyment inspired RubyRed to create the Beijing Quintuplets. The concept of the Quintuplets comes from a traditional Chinese candy, the Tang Hu Lu. Tang Hu Lu consists of fruits coated by hard sugar coating, typically made by dipping fruits inside sugar syrup, and freezing it with the help of the frigid winter. This unique frozen coating leads to a great eating experience in that one would munch through the savory yet icy outer coating to reach the softness of the fruit within. It is no wonder that this candy has been so popular amongst Chinese children for the last few hundred years.

Here Ruby Red’s chief artist Ruby Ho created a set of five dolls, the Quintuplets, to illustrate the five different sensations from eating the Tang Hu Lu candy - the first bite of sweetness; the delightful shock that comes afterwards; the feeling of fulfillment in your soul; the love the mother feels seeing her child’s elated face; and the nostalgic sentiment of reliving your very first bite.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up and wig, Piece-pants, Shoes, Little Tanghulu accessory, Embroidered Pocket (for carrying doll) and Limited Edition Story Card

Limited Edition
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